Fixed Wireless

Fixed wireless internet is a broadband internet service provided by the use of radio waves that transmits data between homes and businesses to nearby wireless access points.

Fiber Optics

Fiber-optic internet is a broadband internet service that  that can reach up to 1 gig speeds by using fiber-optic cable.

VOIP Services

We offer a convenient home phone service. Cell phone signals can vary dramatically across the rural Oklahoma area, leaving many people frustrated during conversations. In most areas you can even keep your current number. We’ve designed a home phone solution with the typical conveniences of a traditional phone line, but with many others you might not expect. Not to mention, you’re going to love having the peace of mind of E911 services and voicemail.

Pro Wi-Fi

ProValue.Net's Pro Wi-Fi Service does not just provide you with a router, but so much more!

ProValue.Net Pro Wi-Fi is a management platform that helps provide insight for you and your ISP Support. It provides tools for managing your local network. It provides parental controls, the ability to update network settings, and usage statistics.

Professional Services

ProValue.Net not only offers internet and VOIP services, but offers their professional services as well. Residential and small business network installation, wireless point-to-point network installation, and ethernet or fiber cable installation are just some of the services they can provide. Please call 405.624.6000 for pricing.