About Us

Our Mission

At ProValue.Net, we believe that High Speed Internet should be available no matter where you live. Since 1996 we have dedicated ourselves to building and operating our wireless network to bring fast and reliable Internet service to rural homes and businesses. We are committed to bringing a professional quality to your internet experience and customer service and would love to prove it to you!

Our History

On October 1st, 1996 Professional Value Internet Services, Inc. (ProValue.Net) began providing dial-up internet service to Stillwater, Oklahoma. We recognized early on that dial-up was not going to continue to fulfill customer needs, and that emerging technologies could be utilized and were needed right here in Oklahoma. In 2001, ProValue.Net installed their first high speed internet tower for fixed-wireless internet connectivity in Stillwater, OK to provide service to customer homes and businesses in the surrounding area.


In the following year customer demand for high-speed fixed-wireless internet allowed ProValue.Net to expand our coverage south of Stillwater to Perkins, Oklahoma and Northeast to Glencoe, Oklahoma, increasing our service footprint by 400 percent. Since then, we have remained tirelessly committed to emerging technologies through faster point-to-point and point-to-multi-point radio systems and more reliable redundant backhauls and fiber circuits.


We joined the Wireless Internet Service Providers of America (WISPA) and participate in their national trade events. The ProValue.Net team has grown to over 30 employees with a host of wireless, network, and safety certifications. Now our network provides internet access to rural residents in over 5,500 square miles of North Central Oklahoma and almost 100 towers providing service to more than 55 cities, towns, and communities.

All of our network infrastructure is connected to the internet with multiple redundant fiber circuits from our data center and office in Stillwater. Going forward you will continue to see the same revolving system wide upgrades to our infrastructure. In addition to advancing our fixed-wireless network, in 2021 ProValue.Net began offering fiber internet service to the home in some service areas with plans to add more areas soon.


The next generation of fixed-wireless technology promises to bring greater speeds than our industry has ever seen by utilizing fiber lines to create a hybrid network as well as new advanced fixed-wireless equipment. We will bring more towers online to improve capacity and speed for our existing customers and to bring coverage to Oklahomans who are currently unserved or underserved.


We are your local source for personalized, competitively priced, high-speed internet service. We are committed to providing the best internet experience and customer service possible to rural Oklahoma homes and businesses and would love the opportunity to prove it to you!