Proudly Serving Central Oklahoma Since 1996

Family Owned & Operated

ProValue.Net has been family owned and operated since 1996 serving north central rural Oklahoma high-speed quality internet service.


At ProValue.Net we believe in unlimited internet, no contracts, and no hidden fees.

At ProValue.Net, we believe that High Speed Internet should be available no matter where you live. Since 1996 we have dedicated ourselves to building and operating our wireless network to bring fast and reliable Internet service to rural homes and businesses. We are committed to bringing a professional quality to your internet experience and customer service and would love to prove it to you!


Features Include:

  • Router
  • Router replacement if needed due to natural causes
  • A higher level of technical support
  • An app to manage your internet service including:
    • Usage statistics
    • Create Users
    • Device Profiles
    • Usage Limits
    • Parental Controls


Standard (Traditional Fixed-Wireless)

  • 2Ghz-5Ghz Outdoor Fixed Wireless
  • Up to 100mbps Download Speeds

mmWave Fixed Wireless

  • 60Ghz Outdoor Fixed Wireless
  • Up to 1Gigabit Download/Upload Speeds

Residential and Business Plans are available 

All plans include unlimited usage & extended service plan


Features Include:

  • Fastest Service Available!
  • Fiber To The Home (FTTH)
  • Up to Gigabit Download and Upload Speeds
  • Fastest Service Available!
  • Unlimited Data
  • All Fiber Plans are Unlimited Usage
  • Extended Service Plan Included on all Fiber plans


Features Include:

  • Residential and Business Plans are available
  • Single or Multiple Lines available
  • Caller ID, Call Waiting, Call Forwarding included with all plans
  • Voicemail and E911 Service included in all plans
  • Unlimited calls to the continental U.S. and Canada included
  • Long distance calling plans available upon request


Services Include:

  • Residential and Small Business Network Installation
  • Wireless Point-to-Point Network Installation
  • Ethernet or Fiber Cable Installation

Please call (405) 624-6000