Extended Service Plan (ESP)

For High Speed Internet Customers

What is an Extended Service Plan (ESP)?

Oklahoma is known for its violent wind and storms. Protect yourself from costly damages with our Extended Service Plan (ESP).

Now, by popular demand, we are including our Extended Service Plan for all new rates. This means you are now covered for labor, equipment costs, and maintenance to ProValue.Net’s internet service equipment due to natural causes (electrical surges, weather related damages, or general equipment failure)


What is covered?

ESP covers parts and labor for the maintenance, repair, or replacement of ProValue.Net Equipment installed by ProValue.Net Technicians for active customers.

  • Labor
  • Power over Ethernet Injector (POE)
  • Standard Mount (Roof/Wall Antenna Mounts smaller than 2’)
  • ProValue.Net Owned Client Premise Equipment (CPE) - Includes Radio, Antenna, or ONT
  • Standard Cable Installation - Up to 150’ of cable attached to serviced structure (Does not include buried cable or custom installations)


What is NOT covered?

  • Cable or Hardware not installed by a ProValue.Net Technician
  • Customer owned devices, hardware, or materials
  • Labor for non-standard installation equipment, hardware, or materials
  • Parts for non-standard installation equipment, hardware, or materials
  • Aerial Lift Fee for custom installation equipment
  • Any devices, hardware, or materials not listed and defined as Standard equipment by ProValue.Net


When is it covered?

  • Electrical Surge
  • Weather Related Damage (Wind, Lightning, Etc)
  • General Equipment Failure


When is it NOT covered?

  • Pet damages
  • Malicious damages
  • Negligent damages


Coverage Examples

  • Re-align antenna that has moved due to high winds
  • Replacement of covered equipment that has failed or been damaged by weather
  • Tightening of guy wires


If you have any further questions regarding the Extended Service Plan policy. Please reach out and speak to our Technical Support Team and we will be happy to assist.

Electrical surge protection is required. If it is not used electrical damages will not be covered. ESP does not cover personal components (computers, devices, routers, etc.), non-standard mounting equipment (towers, stand-alone masts, etc.), or non-standard cable installations, such as trenched/buried cable.