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You may have noticed that we do things differently here at ProValue.net. There's a good reason for that:

Unlike the numerous ISP (Internet Service Providers) and website hosting companies that appear one day and disappear the next, we've been around for over 17 years! We're not a huge corporation but a tight-knit family of dedicated individuals working tirelessly to provide the most cost effective and solid service out there.

We serve exclusively to Stillwater, Perkins, Tryon, Carney, Ripley, Mehan, Agra*, Cushing, Glencoe, Morrison, Meadow Park, Coyle, Langston, Pawnee, Lela, Perry, Lucien, Lake McMurtry, Lake Carl Blackwell, Sooner Lake, Lone Chimney Lake, Sumner, Crescent, Douglas, Covington, Cimarron City, NW Guthrie, Mulhall, Orlando, Marshall, Warwick, Chandler, Stroud, and surrounding areas (See Our Map)(Free Site Survey), so when you talk to us you're getting local people. We live here! We want to be here! And we want to provide you with the best High Speed Broadband Wireless and/or Hosting you can get.


PVN High Speed Broadband Wireless

Choose the speed you need— up to 10mb —starting at $29.95 per month, no quotas no contracts.

Secure - Internet that keeps you safe
Fast - Up to 50x faster than dial-up
Reliable - Always on, always secure
Affordable - Only the internet speed is high, not the price
Online Account Management - Easy to manage

PVN Hosting Services

We are committed to providing reliable web hosting solutions to help you establish and maintain your business or personal web presence. ProValue.net not only provides affordable, reliable web hosting, we have a full featured support system to help you every step of the way.