ProValue.Net is committed to providing the best internet experience and customer service possible. We have found that our best form of advertising comes from current customers speaking to their friends, family, and neighbors about the quality of our service. We would like to show our appreciation to anyone who has helped spread the news concerning our dedication to great service with our customer referral program.


Here's how it works:
We ask every new customer how they heard about us. If they give us your name as a referrer you will receive a $40.00 credit on your next bill. Our customer base is spread over a large geographic area, under served by other internet service providers, and more difficult to reach using traditional media. We would like to thank you for helping us bring internet connectivity to rural Oklahoma.


Thank you for helping make ProValue.Net the best choice for rural internet in the Central Oklahoma area!


NEW Loyalty Referral Challenge
Once you hit 10 ACTIVE referrals during a 5 years span, you will receive free internet for life!

Credit is earned by a current customer (referrer) who has 10 active referrals within a 5 year span. Referrer is eligible for FREE residential service(up to location's current eligible speed) every month that those 10 customers have an active service. All referral accounts must maintain an active and clear status for a minimum of 6 consecutive months to be eligible for this discount. Business/Custom rates are not eligible. If one of the 10 referral accounts cancels the referrers account will no longer be eligible.