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    Pro Wi-Fi

    Features Include:

    • See what devices are connected
    • Parental Controls
    • Set automatic bedtimes for kids
    • See network usage
    • Prioritize bandwidth to devices
    • Create users
    • Assign devices to users

    In today’s digital era, the internet is much more than just access, but an experience. So, for that reason, we at ProValue.Net now offer “Pro Wi-Fi”. A new network management system upgrade with you in mind. Our Pro Wi-Fi comes with many different features for our residential and small business users. You can set your
    Wi-Fi SSID and password, check signal strengths for devices, and view internet usage information. Take control of the devices on your wifi by pausing or unpausing devices, setting parental controls, homework mode, set device bandwidth priority, plus much more. Every feature is different with so much to offer. All these features can be easily controlled from your smartphone! Give it a try today!